My Favorite Solar Tiki Torches… and Why?

Hands down, these solar tiki torches are my favorite landscape lights of all time. The seriously realistic flickering flame adds more light, color, movement and ambiance to my backyard than I ever expected.

Solar Tiki Torches have 96 Flickering LEDs that Look Like Real Flames

Why Tiki Torches? and Why Solar is Better…

Like many people, I like how tiki torches look at summer pool parties. You feel like you are on vacation and should have a tropical drink in your hand.

However, I worry about the fire hazard of the open flames, especially on a windy day. Plus, you always have to buy more fuel and make sure you put the torches out when the party ends.

These solar tiki torches require no match, gas, electricity or special wiring. They turn on automatically at dusk and stay on for most of the night. (In fact, I have one that stays on all night long.)

Solar Tiki Torch Features

The LED flames are truly realistic. I was actually surprised. Somehow, the 96 LED bulbs work in a lifelike pattern to mimic the appearance of fire. I have no idea how it works.

In addition, these lamps emit a yellow-ish, warm white light, so they give off a feeling of warmth and heat. That said, they stay cool to the touch so you can feel comfortable with kids and pets running around the yard.

Compare to Other Solar Tiki Torches:

5-Foot Solar LED Tiki Torches
Newhouse Solar Torches

  • 3 LED Bulbs, Flickering
  • 5 Feet Tall
  • Woven Rattan Look
  • About $23 for 2 Lights

Moonrays Solar Tiki Torch
Moonrays Solar Tiki Torch

  • 1 Flickering Bulb + 1 Solid
  • 5 Feet Tall
  • Natural Bamboo Look
  • About $50 for 2 Lights

Solar Tiki Torch Light with 96 LED Bulbs
Modern Solar Tiki Light

  • 96 LED Bulbs, Flickering
  • About 2.5 Feet Tall
  • Black Contemporary Frame
  • About $50 for 2 Lights

4 Ways to Use Tiki Torches Year-Round:

Besides using these solar torches as a festive decoration at parties, you can use them year-round for a variety of other functions. Consider them multi-functional.

1. Solar LED Pathway and Landscape Lighting:

Solar Tiki Torch Lights Along PathwayFor example, they make great path lights because they radiate a significant amount of light. I even use them to illuminate different areas of my landscaping, since they reflect light off of shrubs, plants and rocks.

2. Spooky Halloween Decor:

They also make spooky halloween decorations to put along your driveway or next to your front door. Due to the fact that these lights don’t require wiring, you can move them around with ease.

3. Table Centerpieces with Flickering Flames:

You can even shorten the stake and place the torch in a planter to use as a table centerpiece for outdoor dining. The flickering flame adds enough light for entertaining while still letting guests enjoy the nighttime outdoors.

4. Solar Tiki Torches for Beach Barbecues?

People Having Barbecue on Beach at SunsetSince these solar torches are portable, why not take them to the beach or the park? They make a great excuse for planning a beach barbecue or picnic “date night” at the park.

When you can use your landscape lights in multiple ways, they suddenly become a much better value. At least, that justified my decision to buy 8 more…

Note: The one problem I have with these tiki torches is that now I cannot go back to regular pathway lights. The “moving” lights are just too cool.

The following video review shows how large and tall the lights look in real life. You can also see how realistic the flickering flames look at night. (Note: The seller gives discounts for larger orders.)

Get 2 Tiki Torches for $50

Specs for Solar Tiki Torches:

  • Dimensions: 31.5″ long (including stake) x 4.75″ (lamp diameter)
  • Material: ABS & PC (superior strength thermoplastic)
  • Lamp Color: Black
  • Bulb Color: Warm White (2800K)
  • LED Bulbs: 96
  • Lumens: 35 Lumens
  • Battery: 3.7V 2200mAh Lithium Battery
  • Waterproof
  • Get the Solar Torches Here

Update 3/11/2018: Everyone who has seen these flickering solar lanterns in my yard has commented on them. They are very intrigued, some even thinking they are real flames – or run on electricity. In fact, many people ask where to get them and buy them for themselves. Within days, seriously. I am not the only person who loves these solar lights! =)

More Solar Torch Lights:

Due to their popularity, you can now choose from a variety of similar solar LED torch lights with flickering amber flames. They all have the solar charging feature, plus some come with a USB rechargeable unit.

They all cost around $20 apiece, and you can usually get a price discount when you buy larger quantities.

Tomcare Solar Flickering Torch Patch Lights
TomCare Solar Torches

  • Flickering Flames
  • 96 LED Bulbs
  • Lantern Style

Moko Flickering Flame Torch Lights with Wall Lamp Attachment
Moko LED Solar Torches

  • Flickering Flames
  • 96 LED Bulbs
  • Includes Wall Attachment

Modern Solar Torch Lights with Geometric Design
Modern Solar Tiki Light

  • Flickering Flames
  • 96 LED Bulbs
  • Modern Geometric Design

5-Mode Solar Torches with USB Charger and Wall Hanging Attachment
5-Mode Solar Torches

  • Flickering Flames
  • 96 LED Bulbs
  • 5 Different Light Modes
  • + USB Charger & Wall Attachment

3-Mode Solar Torch Lights
3-Mode Solar Torch Lights

  • Flickering Flames
  • 96 LED Bulbs
  • 3 Different Light Modes
  • Includes Wall Attachment